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    October 4, 5 and 6
  • Location

    Radisson Hotel & Lusófona
  • Speakers

    Professor Erol Gelenbe

Erol Gelenbe


Kannan Govindan


François Vernadat


Alan Hevner


Nuno Mateus-Coelho



Welcome to iSCSi 2023!


Dear colleague, We are pleased to warmly welcome everyone planning to attend iSCSi – International Conference on Industry Science and Computer Sciences Innovation 2023 edition. The conference will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, in the Radisson Hotel and at Lusófona University’s wonderful campus from 4 to 6 October 2023.

iSCSi’23, indexed to Web of Science & SCOPUS, intends to bring together leading international experts on computer and production systems technologies, logistics, and cutting-edge information systems and technologies, from academia and industry to discuss ground-breaking issues and trends in computer technologies that enable manufacturing, supply chain management, Industry 4.0 and sustainable growth and advances in computer sciences that support the industry sector.

Within three days, the iSCSi’23 will debate critical impact factors within Industry Sciences Innovation and Computer Sciences Innovation, collecting and providing empirical knowledge of scientists and researchers from all over the five continents.

Here we will have the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences and bring disruptive ideas and the latest developments in the largely multidisciplinary field embraced by the Industry Sciences and Computer Sciences.

iSCSi’23 aims to attract original and relevant contributions to the emergent panorama of modern societies that fully embrace scientific methods to overcome technological challenges within Industry Sciences Innovation and Computer Sciences Innovation

Additionally, the conference proceedings will be published in Elsevier Procedia, Open Access, and indexed in Scopus & Web of Science (former ISI); selected papers will be published in top journals.


We invite you to see in the following link the 2022 publication in Elsevier’s Proceedia Computer Sciences:

See the previous published and indexed editions


Yours sincerely,

iSCSi’23 Chairs

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iSCSi - Industry Sciences & Computer Sciences Innovation - 2023 Edition

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The iSCSi – International Conference on Industry Sciences and Computer Sciences Innovation will be held in Lisbon, Portugal. For more details, please read our Venue page here

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