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Registration Form

iSCSi 2024 congratulates and welcomes you to the stage of registering for the iSCSi 2024 International Conference.

If you have a camera-ready paper, an accepted paper from reviewers, or even a request for adjustments, you can already proceed with registering in iSCSi 2024. Please take note of the following mandatory steps:

Important notes:

  • Payment is only available via national and international Bank Transfers.
  • It is mandatory to include in the Bank Transfer the ID of your submissionISCSI PAPER ID: 123xxx.
  • No paper will be accepted for presentation/published in proceedings unless one full registration fee Is processed by 2024/9/15.
  • If the paper has more than one author, at least one registration must be paid.
  • Additional paper as extra paper, requires that the main (first) author be the same. 
  • Additional paper fee mandates the first author to be the same in both papers.
  • Include all details so our secretariat can send you the receipt.
  • Please send in a zip or .rar folder the Registration Form, the proof of Bank Transfer, the student card when applicable, and the paper in Word and PDF to our secretariat e-mail: secretariat@iscsi-conference.org

In the bank transfer please include the tag #ISCSI PAPER ID: 123zyz. . .

Thank you,
The iSCSi Secretariat