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The Annual Excellence in Masters & Doctoral Research Award

The Annual Excellence in Masters & Doctoral Research Award stands as a pinnacle of recognition, aiming to honor exceptional master-level and doctoral-level research that demonstrates outstanding contributions to its respective field of study. Presented at the esteemed iSCSi conference in 2024, this prestigious award embodies the spirit of fostering innovation, impact, and the growth of emerging researchers.

At its core, the award is a celebration of scholarly brilliance. It seeks to identify and honor doctoral research that surpasses expectations and makes substantial strides in advancing knowledge and understanding. The recognition extends beyond the confines of academia, acknowledging the profound impact that the research has on its field, shaping its trajectory and inspiring future breakthroughs.

Central to the award’s purpose is the fostering of innovation. It serves as a catalyst for creativity, encouraging doctoral researchers to explore uncharted territories and challenge established conventions. By shining a spotlight on innovative research, the award cultivates an environment that stimulates fresh perspectives and novel approaches. It inspires emerging researchers to push the boundaries of their disciplines, sparking transformative ideas that have the potential to revolutionize their fields.


  1. The research should be conducted by a Masters or Doctoral candidate currently enrolled in an accredited university or academic institution or those who have completed their Masters / Ph.D. in the past four years (2021, 2022, 2023 & 2024).
  2. The research should be original, and innovative, and make a significant contribution to its respective field.
  3. Only completed or to complete in current year research projects will be considered i.e., you must have your Masters / Ph.D. completed in 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 or with a Public Defense Date for early 2025. Works in progress or preliminary results are not eligible.
  4. Co-authored research is acceptable, but the primary contributor must be the doctoral candidate.
  5. Candidates must not have received The Annual Excellence in Masters & Doctoral Research Award in the past.
  6. All fields and disciplines of iSCSi are welcome. Multi-disciplinary research is also encouraged.

Application Process

  1. An abstract of the research, not exceeding 500 words.
  2. A full research paper was submitted and accepted to the conference, along with any necessary supplementary materials (figures, tables, references).
  3. A letter of recommendation from the candidate’s doctoral advisor or a faculty member familiar with the candidate’s work.
  4. A brief biography of the candidate, including current academic affiliation, past achievements, and future career plans.
  5. A declaration that the research is original and the candidate’s own work.
  6. Fully registered for the conference.
  7. Submit all documents in a folder in ZIP or RAR format to secretariat@iscsi-conference.org

Evaluation Criteria

The research submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Originality and Innovation: The research should bring forth novel ideas, methods, or approaches that have the potential to bring substantial advancement in the field.
  2. Rigor: The methodology should be rigorous and robust, clearly justifying the findings of the research.
  3. Impact: The research should have the potential to make a significant impact in its field or in the wider society.
  4. Clarity: The research should be presented in a clear, coherent, and accessible manner. It should demonstrate a deep understanding of the subject matter.
  5. Relevance: The research should address an important and relevant problem in its field.


The Masters & Doctoral Best Research Award recipients will receive:

  1. A prize of 500€ for the Masters, composed of the waiver of 2024 fees and the reminiscent of a cash amount.
  2. A prize of 1000€ for the Ph.D., composed of the waiver of 2024 and 2025 fees and the reminiscent of a cash amount.
  3. A commemorative trophy or plaque.
  4. An official certificate handed by a renowned professor.
  5. Publication of their research in the conference proceedings, if not yet published elsewhere.
  6. An opportunity to present their research at the conference (if an in-person or virtual presentation is part of the conference program).
  7. Key Note position for 2025 editions.
  8. Local and international media broadcast of the award.

The award will be presented at the annual conference at the Gala Event and brief words are expected. The decision of the award committee will be final and binding.


The application period will open six months prior to the conference and close three months prior to the conference. The award recipient will be notified before the conference and the award will be publicly announced at the conference.

Note: The award committee reserves the right to not grant the award in a given year if none of the submissions meet the award standards.

Important dates

Deadline for paper submission: June 15, 2024
Notification of acceptance/rejection:
 July 15, 2024
Revised Version / Camera Ready: August 14, 2024
Conference: October 29, 30, and 31, 2024

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