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ISCSI – Conference has chosen Porto city for this year International event.

Porto is a city that is lived and felt through the pulse of its streets and its people. On a visit to Porto embark upon a journey through the viewpoints of this unique city and discover the hidden charms and secrets of one of the oldest cities in Portugal.

Start the discovery of Porto at the Serra do Pilar viewpoint in Vila Nova de Gaia. From the ample terrace at the ancient Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar, you can admire the riverside area of Porto and Gaia that extends to the Ponte da Arrábida, with the Sé do Porto and the Ponte D. Luís I standing out on one side of the horizon and the Fontaínhas area and the S. João Bridge.

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Take the chance to cross the Ponte de D. Luís I on foot and savour the wonderful view over the river Douro, outstretched out your feet. Take a trip on the Funicular de Guindais to the Muralha Fernandina viewpoint, classified as a World Heritage Site, for a spectacular view to the Gaia docks. Alternatively, you can reach the viewpoint from the Elevador da Lada, in Ribeira, and catch sight of the Serra do Pilar viewpoint and the Cais da Ribeira de Gaia.

Go up the avenida dos Aliados, feel the buzz of the city and find the Câmara Municipal do Porto viewpoint where you can relish the prospect from the Álvaro Siza Vieira and Souto Moura to the famous avenida portuense, Praça da Liberdade, Palácio das Cardosas and, in the background, Gaia and the Torre do Monte da Virgem.

Immerse yourself in the city and discover the Torre dos Clérigos viewpoint with its 360º panoramic view. It’s possible to see the full extent of the city, from the Douro River to the sea.

Dive inside the city and in the Praça da Igreja da Nossa Senhora da Vitória. Enjoy an interesting view of Sé do Porto, a World Heritage Site. Take the chance to visit this medieval building and admire, from its viewpoint, the meander of a river that runs all the way to its mouth. Afterwards, at the Largo do Colégio viewpoint enjoy the houses that stretch throughout the city of Porto, against the backdrop of the Gaia riverside.