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The Lusofona University of Lisbon was selected for the iSCSi 2023 Venue

After several months of negotiations, the iSCSi – International Conference on Industry Sciences & Computer Sciences Innovation has decided that iSCSi will be held at the 7.000m2 modern building of the Polytechnic Institute of Management and Technology (ISLA) in Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto in Northern Portugal, where the famous Port wine cellars are located across from Porto city.

Because the Institute is located in the same infrastructure as the Hotel HolidayInn Gaia Porto, all participants can access the conference via internal access.

This important Polytechnic Institute established in 1963, is the first Portuguese Private Superior Institute dedicated to Management and Technologies with schools in Vila Nova de Gaia, Santarém, and Leiria.

Being one of the most reupdated institutions in North of Portugal, its brand-new facilities include a superior twenty story 4 starts Hotel & Spa, making this partnership a critical success factor and a perfect symbiosis